reminisce (verb) : indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events

It’s Diwali round the corner, the Hindu festival of lights, spring cleaning is in full swing ( don’t ask me why I am calling it spring cleaning when its almost autumn in Dubai, but that’s the word that has popped into my head). Spring cleaning is almost mandatory for Diwali, the goddess Lakshmi will not step into the house which is dirty and who doesn’t want the goddess of wealth in their house ergo spring cleaning.

So while spring cleaning I come across pictures, lots and lots of them , from the time when digital cameras weren’t around and we posed and just as the person clicking clicked…..we blinked! So I have quite a few of those photos where either my eyes are closed or my tongue is out or I am looking some other place or if by any chance I am looking lovely in the picture, my partner is either looking down,or up or where ever.

But I am not going to throw away even a single of those snaps, you know why?

Because all of them have some or the other story behind them. It could be funny or ordinary or even sad  but its still a story and I do love a story.

There is a picture with two people sleeping on a bed. One of them I am sure is my better half’s cousin, the other I am not so sure. The reason one of them is lying away from the camera and the other one has the face covered by blanket. Now you might be wondering why I am saving this picture ( or even why I am telling you this story).

The answer is pretty simple, the photograph reminds me of a time when I was a young bride in a new country, it reminds me of setting up a house together with the person whom I loved very much(still do actually). The fun we had with our cousin, who stayed with us a couple of months, who looked up to me as a domestic diva though I was still learning and struggling ( like I still do). The bond that I formed with her that will remain with me always.

And that my friend is the power of reminiscing. It brings a smile to our face and it takes us to that happier place, the place when all was fine with the world and the sun was shining. When we see our old albums or the ones clogging up our hard disks and we decide to get some printed even now all we want to do is to hold on to that moment. To take it out again and again to savor it , or to polish it like a precious gem.

Because that’s what they are…..Gems!

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