Pen and Paper

Today after weeks of inactivity and indecisiveness I decided to publish my post. To my frustration I found out that though I could type in the heading for the note on facebook, I just couldn’t type in my note. After struggling with it for sometime and even publishing my post twice without any body , I decided on giving up the idea. I decided I will now become a professional and publish it as a blog……..easier said than done!

I went to and made my login. I thought that was it but soon realised that it was the first step on the long and winding staircase to your own personal blog.

It first objected to my password for being too simple…… smart, smart and no, I am not revealing my password here. Anyhow then came the realization that I could  create my own website and publish my post there.

Then came the major decision as to what to call my page. It should sound cool, a bit pretentious and should project my image as a literary giant. Sadly all the names I could come up with were already taken (not much of a literary then huh!). So the name was actually my state of mind at that point of time.(Its only now when I am writing this I realise that its very ,very similar to  the name of a book I have read!). Oh well! what else to do but soldier on!!!

And soldier on we did and how!

I wish someone had told me its easier to write than to  post it. After I zeroed in on the name , I then had to pick a style for the site out of god knows how many. After seeing the demo for 2 to 3 styles and actually not really understanding much about the feature of each , just  decided to go with the one which I found visually most appealing. And then began the fun, I could now “CUSTOMIZE” it! The cover image, the font , the header, the footer, the display image …..all in all my head started spinning.

I closed the laptop and rushed back to my trusty notebook and pen. There i could just concentrate on writing and not bother about the font size or where the button for subscribing to the blog should be (hint! hint!).

My post is ready, now I just have to figure out how it get it on my site now so that it can reach readers like you (again hint!hint! subscribe button!) ……and yes Rahul Sharma makes my pen fly!!!

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