Auld Lang Syne

Another year is gone. People all over the world are making elaborate plans to usher in the New Year, to-do lists and resolutions are ready. People are going on a binge as they can easily say “Next year, pukka!” Facebook news feed is full of friend’s review of the year, their smiling faces showing how much fun they had in 2015.

Recently I had gone for a Hindi cultural festival in my son’s school. One of the parent’s had spoken a poem about the joy with which we welcome the New Year and how eager we are to discard the old year behind. The poem made me ponder.

How true it is!

When we welcome the New Year we forget to give thanks for the old one for making us wiser, for making us stronger. When we see someone’s year in review we just see their smiling, happy faces. We don’t see the difficulties they faced in the year, what challenges they overcame. We just see the smile and not the emotion behind. We forget the happiness and the sorrows and the challenges that the old year brought made us beautiful memories. Memories that we cherish and polish that make us remember the places and people. Memories which make us who we really are.


Millions of dirhams are going to be spent in Dubai (and rest of the world) to bring in the New Year, all for a few hours of dinner and to have a ring side view of the world famous fireworks. Even a small café is asking for astronomical sums if it can offer a glimpse of the fireworks. And people are paying for it. And do you know why? It’s all because of bragging rights!!!! You are going to brag on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, snapchat and in your office that “I WAS THERE”!!!

Though of course when finally after a few hours wait when the fireworks do happen you will be too busy recording them rather than enjoying their wonder. Quite understandably since you spent so much of time and money to see/record the fireworks and the only proof of that will be the video that you will shoot and circulate immediately rather than wishing the person or the wait staff happy new year.

Resolutions and inspirational quotes will be shared for the first few weeks and soon forgotten when life goes back to its humdrum routine.


Why is it? Why do we do it over and over again, year after year? I remember the times when 31st was supposed to be spent sitting huddled in the razai and watching whatever program doordarshan had decided to put up for us non-metro people (I am a small town girl, what else were we supposed to do?). It’s only significance in my life at that time was that I could stay up late to watch television, 1st January was life as usual. Now not having a “happening” plan is a taboo! If I want to stay at home in my pj’s and watch Television the whole night people will ask me if I am ok. The whole point seems to be about going out, even though you would rather be at home and read a book instead.


Maybe I am just getting old, or maybe I am just getting wiser. The New Year is going to be just like the old year. It is going to have its set of challenges and ups and down and next year on the same day you are again going to be planning what to do for the New Year.

Oh well….here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year! be productive and and happy in the coming year.

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