For The Love Of Reading

It is not a state secret that I love to read books. It is a wonderful solitary pursuit which gives immense satisfaction to me. Recently, however, parents have been asking me to recommend books for their children. While one reads according to personal interests when you ask the same person to recommend a book you are laying a huge responsibility on the person’s shoulder, even more so when you have to recommend a book for a child. The book that you suggest should be interesting enough for the child to finish reading and not scare the child away from reading for a lifetime. Ideally, it should also be informative enough to keep the parents happy. The good part about people asking me to recommend books for their children (apart from me puffing up with pride) was that it gave me the idea for this blog post.

I am planning to write two parts to this post. I decided to do find out as to what the children really liked reading nowadays (we are just not up to date as to what is “in” these days). For the second part of the blog post, I will be writing more from a parent’s point of view. My helpers were my two adorable boys and I decided to take their viewpoint as to what they really liked to read and why ( I am a homemaker, don’t have time to ask too many children, I have loads of laundry to do!!!).


My first subject was my younger son, Rishabh, who is a few months shy of his eighth birthday. Contrary to fifty-percent of his genetic makeup, he does not like to read. Still on being asked he did come up with a list of ten books that he had read plus he liked them a lot. Since some of the books were part of the series so I decided to cull them down to five.

So here are top five favorite books of Rishabh.

Dinosaurs (Miles Kelley):


Well no surprises here, the boy has been fascinated by dinosaurs ever since he was a baby. According to Rishabh, there are lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs in the book and his favorite chapter in the book is all about T-Rex.

Tree House Series (Andy Griffith):


For a boy who doesn’t like to read Rishabh has finished all the five books in the series and is now waiting for the next one to be published. I guess that is recommendation enough.

Knowledge Bank:

IMG_9822 (1)

Again a book read cover to cover by my boy. According to Rishabh, it gives loads of cool facts about a variety of topics, the chapter on the universe being his favorite.

Geronimo Stilton(Elisabetta Dami):


He had included The Haunted Castle, Giant Diamond Robbery and The Gold Medal Mystery in his top ten books. The series are his favorite as the books are funny, the characters have great adventures around the world plus solve mysteries. In all, a very interesting read.



We have to give the boy’s father credit for introducing this character in the boy’s literary world. Rishabh finds all the stories very funny and his favorite one is “Painting The Town Red”.

Currently, Rishabh is reading ParamVir Chakra (Amar Chitra Katha).


Kush is my elder son, just about ten and has taken after me, which in other words means he is an avid reader. For him to pick out ten of his favorite books was a slightly tougher task but he did manage to whittle them down.

So here are top ten favorite books of  Kush.

Harry Potter(J.K.Rowling):


Well, no surprises there right? I was pretty strict about him not reading them till he turned ten and luckily he received the first two as gifts just a month shy of his birthday. Kush likes the character of Harry best, even more than Ron, as Harry has glasses (just like Kush!). Hagrid is another favorite character as he loves Harry unconditionally.

Gangsta Granny(David Williams):


Kush likes this book about a boy who discovers new things about his grandmother. It is a funny book but also sad as the granny has cancer!

Geronimo Stilton(Elisabetta Dami):


So this series seems like a winner as it pops up on the list of both the boys. Kush was more forthcoming about what he really likes about these series. Again the common point with both of them being lots of solving mysteries in these books.

Wimpy Kid(Jeff Kinney):


Ok, confession time, I used to absolutely dislike the sight of Kush reading these books. He, however, has read almost all of them, so I guess I was wrong somewhere. Kush’s reason for liking these books is the relatability with the character. So the wimpy kid likes video games, sleeping in late etc…..all the stuff that Kush loves too!

Treehouse Series (Andy Griffiths):


Another series which pops up in both the lists. Kush’s reasons for liking these series is Andy and Terry’s imagination in building the tree house. They also get to meet new people and have adventures… the books are really funny.

Great Freedom Fighters (Amar Chitra Katha):


This ACK tells about five freedom fighters from India: Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Veer Savarkar, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh’s story was the most inspiring for Kush.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl):


This story is about a young poor boy Charlie who gets lucky on his birthday. He then manages to win over Mr.Wonka with his honesty and compassion.

Mystery Of The Strange Messages (Enid Blyton):


Well, Enid Blyton had to come in the list somewhere. The five find outers seem to have a lot of fun in solving mysteries and finding clues. Fatty seems to be most intelligent of the lot according to Kush.

Rusty And The Misty Mountains(Ruskin Bond):


As a Ruskin Bond fan myself, I was very happy to find one of his books on my son’s list too. He likes the story as it is about the adventures of a boy who climbs up the mountain.

Grandma’s Bag Of Stories(Sudha Murthy):


This is a book of stories narrated by a grandmother when the children visit their grandparents in holidays (brings back memories doesn’t it?). Kush likes this book as the stories are simple to understand and teach good morals too.

Currently, Kush is reading Chamber of Secrets by J.K.Rowling.


Now as you can see the lists are varied and different, suiting to each of the boy’s personality. In my next post, I will give you my take on their choices as well as some book recommendations which I think the children would like, plus keep their parents happy.










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