A Sonnet A Day

One group of people who don’t seem to be affected a lot during COVID-19 are the readers. Reading is a solitary pursuit where you can spend hours on your comfortable seat, engrossed in your book. Not going out, has given more time to readers to indulge more. The lockdown and social distancing rules lead to a surge in interest in reading on social media. Most of the literary activities, including the literature festivals, have moved online. The publishing houses are having interactions with authors, discussing their works or their reading/writing habits. There are writing workshops, online book clubs, and a surfeit of book recommendations coming from all quarters leading to a corresponding increase in the TBR list. Celebrities also jumped on the bandwagon with a few of them doing read-aloud of books, though most of them targeted the children’s section and did a one-off session only.
There was one celebrity though who went the full mile, actor Patrick Stewart, better known for playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek.
In his feature, “A Sonnet A Day”, he reads out a sonnet of the Bard( William Shakespeare for the unaware) once a day. His aim ( and he is close to achieving it), is to read all the sonnets of William Shakespeare. The videos are hardly two minutes long and yet, are sufficient to make me feel happy. It is about taking the time to pause to listen, to ponder about the words, the way the speaker’s voice rises and falls, the cadence, the expressions. In today’s scenario where there is social anxiety about the uncertainty of the future, the sonnets give me a few moments to slow down, to rest my mind from running in different directions. After listening to Patrick Stewart every day, I have realized that even though I read Shakespeare reluctantly as part of my course work in school, I now have a better appreciation for the written word. The English playwright is not only responsible for developing English as a language to the current form, but he is also giving me a reason to smile every day.
COVID-19 has given us the boon of time to reflect, where we as a society went wrong. It has become a time for us to figure out the right path to live, to go back to the basics away from consumerist life we have become used too. It has also given us more time to discover ourselves, our passions, our interests.
And my passion seems to be towards the written word.

picture by Dakota Roos from Unplash

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28 thoughts on “A Sonnet A Day

  1. Hey thanks a lot for this. Wasn’t aware of Patrick Stewart’s Sonnet mission. Will go straight there from here.
    Like you said, my tryst with Shakespeare began and ended with college days. Would like to connect to his sonnets again. Thanks very much for writing this. 🙂

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  2. Every cloud has a silver lining. Covid gave us chance to do what we always wanted to do but just didn’t have enough time due to our hectic schedules

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  3. New post by Harshita describes the impact of situational environment on human psychology. In addition it also reflects the natural urge of self satisfactionthat may be attributed to the clear understanding and feeling of happiness.
    It a source to motivate the quest of enhanced tranquility -the basic requirement of any human individual-resulting from vocal accents cupelled with power of imaginations.
    I facilitate Harshita for the present post for opening new dimension in the regime of literature.
    Dr. S.K.Nanda

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  4. Well written yes i totally believe for the readers like us it wasn’t that tough in covid times. And as for the Bard … i fall in love every time i read any of his sonnets.

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  5. Wow, I love the sonnets. Everytime I read it or hear someone recite it, I am so engrossed by the depth of the words. Thank you for sharing about it.

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  6. Don’t know much about Patrick Stewart’s Sonnets, will surely check this out. I completely agree with you though COVID 19 has changed our mind and thoughts in many ways but for me definitely brink back my lost love for reading books.

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  7. I enjoy reading Shakespeare. Didn’t know about Patrick Stewart’s “A Sonnet A Day”. I am going to check out the videos. Thank you for sharing it.

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  8. It’s so good to hear your story. Must check out Patrick Stewart’s videos. Also, indeed today we must learn to live life in a way that helps us grow.

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