Heir To Malla ( Land Of Magadha, Book1) Anna Bushi

Heir to Malla is a book set in the fictional land of Magadha loosely based on medieval India. Princess Meera and Prince Jay are the royal siblings of Malla, with Princess Meera being Prince Jay’s support and anchor. The story unfolds in Malla, as Princess Meera learns her brother Crown Prince Jay is missing. Prince Amar of Padi, known for his penchant for violence, harbours desires for Malla and Meera. With Jay missing, it is Meera who must protect the Kingdom, even if it is at the cost of her own life and happiness.

Princess Meera and Prince Jay, though noble-born are kind and courageous without becoming saccharine sweet. Princess Meera is the perfect Indian princess, graceful and skilled in the arts. She cares deeply for Jay, her family and the people of the Kingdom. Meera knows and accepts the fact that the needs of the country take precedence over her personal preferences. Even though she has moulded herself into the perfect princess, she is astute enough to understand politics and alliances. Armoured by the gorgeous sarees she wears, she is a princess with a spine of steel. Prince Jay is young brave and courageous. Though young, he is aware of his role as the future ruler of the country and the duties he must do. He is practical enough to separate duty and love. Prince Jay has all the attributes to become a formidable king. Both Meera and Jay sometimes feel trapped by the role they were born into but are also mature enough to accept and do their duties.

Written from the perspective of the two main protagonists, Meera and Jay, the book follows the character instead of being sequential. This format can lead to confusion in the mind of the reader as regards to the timeline, but the author avoids this pitfall, the book flows seamlessly from narrative to the other. The interactions between characters leave an impression on your mind. Since the book is written in the first person, you become involved with Jay and Meera.

The authenticity of the book comes from the fact that even though it is set in medieval India, the story is timeless, it can fit even in the modern world. The descriptions of the book are imaginative, painting a vivid picture, yet they never overwhelm the story. The author, with her words, has brought her fictional land alive. The intrigues, the political machinations, the battles, the dramas, the celebrations all unfold as a vibrant picture in front of you. The story of the book is strong, keeping you predicting the outcomes, wanting to know more. The best part is the book never becomes predictable.

The author has painted a vibrant picture with her words, almost like a movie. I think this book can be the basis for a very intriguing web series!

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About The Author

Inspired by the stories told by her grandmother, author Anna Bushi decided to write her own fantasy story. For five years, she wrote the story of the Malla Royal family loosely based on medieval India. She created her own Land of Magadha and drew rivers and mountains. Dressed in bright sarees, her protagonist’s struggles will feel real to most women. Her book celebrates many aspects of ancient India, including food, culture, art, and music. Weddings, feasts, and musicals play a role in the tale, and mango leaves strung together serves as the portal into their lives.
Her advice to aspiring writers would be to read widely. Then start writing. Write about what they would love to read. Just get the story down.
While she is not reading or writing, she works in technology and lives with her husband and two daughters in California. She is returning to the Land of Magadha in book two of the series, set a few years later, and with many familiar characters. She left plenty of hanging threads in book 1, and she is having fun pulling them to see what unravels and what tightens into a knot.

You can connect with her on her Web site, Instagram or on Twitter.

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