My Top Five Reads of 2020

The year 2020 has been “different” to put it mildly. The brightest silver lining to this year was the sheer amount of reading I accomplished. Doomscrolling through social media, became a blessing in disguise as I was introduced to new books and authors, making me more aware of the diverse range of books, I am yet to read!

As we take stock of the year gone by, I have been seeing posts on social media by friends about the number of books/pages read on Goodreads. I applaud their sincerity in updating Goodreads. I decided to take motivation from the social media posts to make a shortlist of five books I really enjoyed in the year 2020. It was a great task to whittle down all the books I had read over the year to just five, but I persevered. Most of the books have already been in the bookstores for some time, but I discovered them this year. The list is purely personal, these books entertained me, engrossed me, and have stayed with me long after I closed their pages.They gave me comfort and became my companions in a year filled with uncertainty.

The Sum Of All My Parts (Andaleeb Wajid).

Mariam, an old lady who lives in Vellore, teaches crochet to four young women. As the women learn the delicate art, they also learn about themselves, their desires, their hidden courage and the love hiding in their hearts. The book is poignant and heartwarming. You fall in love with Mariam, wanting to know more about her story, her life.

Cuckold (Kiran Nagarkar).

This is the story of Maharaj Kumar, the heir apparent of the kingdom of Mewar and the husband of Meera Bai. Sensual, poetic and yet disturbing, this book is a fast read despite its page length. This book shows all the shades of Maharaj Kumar’s emotions from jealousy, pride, love, hate, anguish and respect.

Remnants Of Separation (Aanchal Malhotra).

This book looks at the partition of India through objects which changed their homeland. A pair of scissors, a string of pearls gifted by a Maharaj, a ghara and a gaj, a luxury pan daan, all these and many more objects find their place in this book. These objects, irrespective of their material value, carry memories of a home lost forever.

Homegoing (Yaa Gyasi)

A novel that spans centuries and continents. A tale of two sisters, one who marries a slave trader and the other who becomes a slave. It starts from Ghana in the seventeenth century and travels through slave ships to American South, till it encircles back to Ghana. The words of the book are sheer poetry, throbbing with emotions. Deeply disturbing the book shook me, but its narrative kept me spellbound until I finished.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows).

A young writer starts a correspondence with a man who came across her name inside a book written by Charles Lamb. Written in an epistolatory style, this book makes you chuckle and believe in the power of serendipity. This book is perfect for dreary days when you need something light and funny to keep you entertained.

If you have read any of the above would love to hear your views too!

Have a great 2021 and Happy Reading!!!

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