The Hundredth!

I cannot believe it when I am writing this sentence but this is my 100th blog post!!

Five years ago, I needed to vent out and frustrated by my inability to publish a note on Facebook, decided to start my own blog. Since I was in a confused frame of mind ( my usual mental space), I could not think of a “cool” name. Borrowing heavily from a book I had recently finished, I came up with a rather uninspiring “undecidedindubai“. At that time I was unaware of anything other than the fact that I just wanted to put pen on paper and post whatever I had written. It changed a little when I started writing more about my passions for books and then (like a total book nerd) I started writing book reviews. Slowly,the blog became dear to my heart, though, it still remained a hobby. I was not writing consistently and was posting erratically. I was also unaware of technical terms like SEO, keywords, blog traffic, Alexa rank etc. (still a bit shaky on them). I was just happy to be writing and getting a smattering of positive feedback from loyal family and friends.

In the first four years from September 2015, when I started till January 2020, I had written about 52 posts. This means that in one year, from January 2020 till January 2021, I have written 48 posts. This is an average of about four posts a month on the blog. Somehow in the year 2020, the writing bug caught me, I became more regular with my writing and posting. I realised that I enjoyed crafting a blog post and started looking at blogging as more than a hobby. Rather than posting whatever came to my mind, I now took time to decide the topics I wanted to write about and how to express my views. Social media, especially Twitter, played a role in connecting me to authors and other like-minded people, whom I liked to read and follow. This, in turn, gave me more inspiration to write. Now, not only do I write on this blog, but I have also gained the confidence to write fiction, which I usually post on my Momspresso page. I haven’t gained hundreds of followers suddenly or have my posts go viral. But in the past year, I have become more sure of myself and my writing skills. I am now, no longer hesitant, in calling myself a blogger and a book reviewer.

In my search to develop my blog more, I recently generated my blog insights on Blogchatter and guess the two topics I write most about? Books and personal! I cannot say I am surprised, my blog was started because I wanted to share my musings. Few of my personal favourite posts in this category were “The Romance Of Writing” and “The Gentle Breeze“. As far as books are concerned, there are quite a few posts, on book recommendations and book reviews, including books on poetry and books for children. But surprisingly, there were other topics as well on which I wrote. Being a feminist, I wrote quite a few posts like “Choice“, “Stand Up!Speak Out” and “The Honour of Padmini. I wrote about Bollywood in an “An Ode to A Diva“, “Patriotism and Bollywood” and “All About The Girls“. And despite my best efforts, I couldn’t avoid writing about politics either in “What’s In A Name?

When I look back upon my earlier posts, there is a rawness in writing, the posts are full of grammatical errors. There is a visible lack of cohesiveness in the posts, as my thoughts were confused while writing. My pen couldn’t transfer my thoughts adequately to paper even though I tried my best. And yet, when I read them now, I do not want to edit these posts. These posts remind me of a time when I was confused and was looking for the spark in my life. The posts are a part of my life’s journey.

What the future holds for my blog, I do not know. I am confused and clueless as to the path I should take for my blog. Should I go for more traffic or should I write about what makes me happy? There is still so much more to learn, to grow more, so many choices to make. 

There is one thing though, about which I am absolutely sure, and that is I will continue to put pen to paper and publish the blog!

8 thoughts on “The Hundredth!

  1. Congratulations.
    You have spread your thoughts in the most natural manner.
    There is no doubt to believe that all your blogs will result in the betterment of society.
    Wish you good luck for your futuristic literary work and you rise to a new height.
    Dr S.K.Nanda

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