Club You To Death~ Anuja Chauhan

Delhi Turf Club is amongst the grandest and oldest clubs of India. With civil servants, army personnel and industrialists as its members, DTC is a place for the upper crust of the society to mingle, entertain and unwind. The DTC is undergoing turmoil as the election for club president are heating up. In this scenario, Cookie Katoch and Roshni Agarwal get a shocker when they find the sexy Zumba instructor Leo asphyxiated under the barbell. Enter ACP Bhavani Singh and Inspector Padam Kumar from Delhi Police to investigate the crime. This modern-day Karamchand and male Kitty are helped by hunky Akash aka Kashi Dogra, a lawyer who works for the underprivileged, and Bambi Todi, his ex-girlfriend and a regular member of the club. Was Leo killed, or was it an accident? If he was killed, then why? And does the flame between Kashi and Bambi ignite again? Janenge Hum log in this book.

Author Anuja Chauhan needs no introduction. An author with razor-sharp wit, her books are a laugh riot. Purists might wince at her language, but none can deny her ability to write a book that races through and keeps the reader entertained. In “Club You To Death”, she has come with all guns blazing. The characters, places and issues raised in the book are thinly veiled, but anyone aware of the current affairs of the country will immediately know who all she is alluding too. Her wit pokes fun at almost everything and nothing is sacred. She touches upon misogyny, the absurdness of arranged marriages, the self-absorption of the privileged class, the snobbery of the rich, the crassness of politicians, the pseudo-nationalism of the masses. She doesn’t hesitate in taking potshots at the current government too. The book is a tongue-in-cheek look at what all is wrong with our country, but it never descends into the pravachan mode.

Her characters, as always, are relatable. All of them seem to be drawn from real life, someone you might know, someone you might have bumped into. Her descriptions and the way the characters portray themselves make them very believable. My favourite, though, is ACP Bhavani Singh. ACP Bhavani Singh, with his penchant for using “We” for himself, is endearing. His four golden rules, including his maxim of “straining the brain too hard, will cause haemorrhoids of the brain”, keeps you in splits. The ACP’s interactions with his wife Shalini are pure gold. May I suggest Pankaj Tripathi as ACP and Seema Pahwa as Shalini if the book gets adapted to screen?

While the author’s previous offerings used to be pure romance with a handle full of social issues thrown, in this one romance, is on the back burner. As with all Anuja Chauhan books, this one too hooked me, compelling me to finish. The pace of the book is swift, the dialogues between the character making you chuckle and laugh. The book is a murder mystery, but thoda hatke, it never becomes too dark or too serious. The murderer, when revealed, is totally unexpected. I do not want to give away spoilers, but suffice to say that the book has a very satisfying end.

The book is highly recommended if you are in the mood to read a book that is funny, satirical and makes you exercise your brain a little bit(not too much, too much exercise of the brain will give you….).

I read this book as part of Blogchatter’s #TBRChallenge. The book is available on Amazon.

One thought on “Club You To Death~ Anuja Chauhan

  1. As usual Harshita has expressed her views about the book in a impressive way, not only she has described the goodness of the book but equally she has been able to persuade the reader to motivate the reader to read the book.
    The review is extremely good.
    Dr S.K. Nanda

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