100 Words Are All You Need ~ Parul and Kanika

Micro-fiction tales or 100-word stories, as known in common parlance, have seen an increase in popularity in recent times. Todays’ fast world of high-speed internet, social media over-hype and fast food has impacted our reading habits as well. With shorter attention spans of the readers, micro-fiction tales are great for readers who do not have the time or inclination to read a lot. Micro-fiction is also attractive for people who do not “read” ( aka who are usually not found in corners curled up with books). As they are short and easily shareable, 100-word stories have a wider reach than traditional books.

“100 words are all you need” is a series of micro-fiction tales authored by Parul Kapoor Malhotra and Kanika Kapoor Gulati. The first story is called “Nursery Recitation Competition”, is written from the perspective of a child. Portraying the innocence of childhood the story sets the tone for the rest of the book. From innocence, the stories then move on to more serious topics like dreams of greener pastures abroad (London Bridge), revenge (The Knock), the hypocrisy of society (Nahi Ma). The stories also touch upon domestic violence (She is Durga), mental health (Billionaire’s wife) and the implications of Covid on daily wage earners ( Corona and The Food Cart). All tales are not serious though, there are a few tales that tickle the funny bone making the reader chuckle(The Date Night and Oops).

“100 words are all you need” has an attractive cover page. The images on the cover give a hint to the reader about the topics of the stories within. As the stories are only 100 words each, they are easy to read (though you might have to spend some time to process the emotions churned after reading the story). The stories showcase a myriad of emotions touching the reader. Rather than playing safe, the authors have pushed the boundaries in picking topics for their stories. They have included stories on issues like gay rights and feminism. Micro-fiction tests the mettle of the author. The tales need to convey the story, portray emotions and create an impact, in the mind of the readers, using bare minimum words. The author needs to convey more in less, leaving out all superfluous words. The words used must be simple enough to capture the attention of the reader and not make them hunt for a dictionary. The book might be a quick read, but even with few words, it leaves an impact on the reader. A few of my favourite tales from the collection are The Billionaire’s Wife, She is Durga, Oops, Duffer, Samosa and What is a Reality.

“100 words are all you need”, with its 100-word stories, is perfect for those who want to read something quick and simple.

This book is currently available for free download from Blogchatter’s website: 100 Words Are All You Need

P.S. This book is part of #BlogchatterEbook carnival, in which my book Xanadu is also available.

About the Authors

Parul Kapoor Malhotra : Born in New Delhi, Parul has used her Master’s in Business Administration to good use by always being surrounded by accounts. Amidst her work and family responsibilities, she learnt that her true love always was writing. An author, blogger and a speaker, she jots down all her experiences and leanings either through her keyboard or her pen. 

Kanika Kapoor Gulati: English(Hons.) graduate from Delhi University, and holding a PGDM, Kanika Kapoor was a primary educator. Currently living with her husband and son in New Delhi, she likes to craft satirical stories and believes nothing is more sacred than love. So spread it and don’t be afraid to ask.

You can reach them at The Trending Diary.

3 thoughts on “100 Words Are All You Need ~ Parul and Kanika

  1. I understand that Micro-fiction tales or 100-word stories are extremely difficult in all respects-may it be – The theme selection, Limited word description and Understanding / Relevance. It requires specific aptitude and maturity of ideas.
    What present review of Harshita indicates – is the propagation this art of short stories through a fair review of book –“100-words all you need” by Parul & Kanika Kapoor – a collection of stories representing spectrum of life.
    This is an excellent job in all respects, especially – the encouragement to the authors of book and motivation to others to proceed in this direction.
    Good job indeed.
    Dr. S. K. Nanda

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