Patna 800020-A Family Drama Unfolds ~ Daisy Bala

Dr Bimal Pradhan, aka Dr Saheb, his wife Barkha Devi, three daughters and one son live in Gandhi Sadan, Patharwali Gali, Kankarbagh, Patna. Dr Saheb has a flourishing homeopathy practice, while Barkha Devi is a school teacher. Like any other middle-class family, their world revolves around their children and the stress of getting three daughters married. The three daughters are totally different from one another. The eldest, Badki, is studious and is not ready to get married. The second daughter Kanchan is shy, and gullible, while the youngest Chutki, is sassy and wants to fulfil all her dreams. Dr Saheb’s only son Golu is the youngest, with a penchant for cracking bad jokes at inopportune times. The book Patna 800020, brings their story to life.

The cover of Patna 800080 is striking, with caricatures of Dr Saheb, his family, and Geeta Sadan. The caricatures and the contrasting colours of the cover are visually appealing, piquing the reader’s interest. A little birdie whispered in my ears that this cover has been designed by the author herself, and she deserves praise for her creativity.

The book starts off with the description of Patna, followed by that of Geeta Sadan. By the time the characters are introduced, the tone of the book has been set. You can feel the atmosphere and the earthiness of small-town India. The language used is simple interspersed with colloquial terms, which gives a very familiar feel to the reading experience. For people who might not be familiar with Hindi, explanations of the words are given as footnotes. The author’s writing is imaginative, and it feels that the characters are playing out their parts in front of you. The descriptions vivid, so much so that you can see the pagadandi of sindoor in Barkha Devi’s parting when she is being described. There is simplicity in the story, and it this simplicity that captivates the reader’s attention. I am eagerly waiting when the author will write the next part as I want to know more. I want to know Badki’s story, I want to know Chutki’s story and also if Golu would ever stop telling PJ’s!

The author has done a brilliant job in capturing the mundane everyday routine of a middle-class family and putting her own spin on it. There is a charm in our everyday stories, even though we might not be able to see it. The author has managed to present this charm and magic to the reader. There is underlying hope in the book. Even though the family faces trials and tribulations, there is an instinctive understanding that at the end, everything will be fine, all they need is each other.

Patna 800020 ~ A Family Drama Unfolds has been released as part of #BlogchatterEbook carnival. You can download the book from Blogchatter’s Library by clicking Patna 800080~A Family Drama Unfolds.

Read on ahead for the book blurb and to know more about the author.

About the Author

Daisy Bala is passionate about writing poetry and stories, serenading words with embellishments of thoughts and emotions! She pours her incandescent heart on paper scribbling about anything and everything under the sun! She’s a homemaker living in Chicago with her husband and 2 kids and has published her nature poetry eBook “Blossoms and foliages” on kindle, this year. She’s been published in a few anthologies and loves participating in writing competitions. Off late she’s been writing continuously in English and Hindi both.

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  1. Absolutely loved the review Harshita ❤️🙏🏻it was an honor and privilege to read it🙌thanks a million for all your love and encouragement 🤞you’re a 🌟shining star.

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