It Must Have Been Love ~ Mayur Amarkant

It Must Have Been Love” by Mayura Amarkant is a collection of poems on love, longing and loneliness, with the love story of Meera and Keshav as the backdrop. What makes this book unique, is how it seamlessly weaves prose and poetry. All stages of love, the first meeting, the jealousy, the heartbreak and the loneliness, have been depicted with their own set of poems.

When I first read the blurb of the book, I was a little bit mystified. What does “prose drives the poetry” mean, I mused. It is actually quite simple. The prose sets the stage, Meera and Keshav’s story progresses step by step. The poetry then, through its words, gives rein to thoughts and emotions. And therein lies the uniqueness of the book. The cover of the book is an image of a broken heart fixed with bandages. It ties up beautifully with the theme of heartbreak and longing that runs through the book.

Meera and Keshav’s is not your typical love story, though it might have started with a little bit of cliche. There is a twist in the tale, and there are no neat ends tied up. It is up to the reader to make the decision as to their relationship. What really stood out for me was how the author lifted the story of Meera and Keshav with her lyrical poems. Meera and Keshav’s story engrosses the reader, but the heart is captured by the poems. The poems ebb and flow with emotions.

Through the medium of poems, you can feel Meera’s excitement when she meets Keshav for the first time, her jealousy raging through, her confusion on Keshav’s erratic behaviour, her joy when Keshav proposes and her final decision acceptance of her life. The flow of words is so lyrical, that for a few of the poems I was actually reading them keeping in time with the beat ( and no, I am not a musician). A few of my favourite poems were “My Shadow”, “Thoughts Of You“, and “Mirrors and Mirages“.

“It Must Have Been Love” is a unique collection of poetry. The book’s pages are filled with joy, jealousy, heartbreak and poignancy, just like Love!

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Read on for the book blurb and to know more about the author

Book Blurb

Ever seen a book that uses prose to narrate poetry? It Must’ve Been Love is a unique book by Mayura Amarkant where poems are recited against the backdrop of an intense love story set in the ‘90s. The narrative style of the book is one-of-its-kind, she has passionately woven each poem to ensure that the reader is hooked throughout. Poetry lovers and fans of romance fiction will love this book.

About the Author

Mayura Amarkant is an entrepreneur, blogger, promoter of a theatre group and a prominent writer. “Trapped in Heaven & other stories” was Mayura’s first anthology of romance fiction. With it, she launched Sansi Ventures, the publishing arm of Sarvashreshtha Solutions. The book received praise in India, Netherlands, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and many other countries across the globe. “It Must Have Been Love” is her latest creation. Mayura has passionately woven each poem to ensure that the reader is hooked throughout.

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