Building A Writing Practice ~ Sona Grover

Have you ever had stories and ideas clamouring in your head, waiting to burst out, but when you try to put them on paper, your mind goes blank? You struggle to put the words down or become unsure of where/how to begin or are not happy with the way your ideas have translated on paper. Then maybe you need to pick up “Building A Writing Practice“.

Building A Writing Practice” by Sona Grover is a primer for writers. The book gives various tips and exercises to help the writer build their “writing muscles“. There are exercises on brevity, changing the perspective, building a character, finding analogies from your life, etc. These exercises help the writer in getting the creative juices flowing. The author advocates creating a writing discipline that will help beat the dreaded writer’s block ( an argument I am totally in agreement with). 

What stands out in the book is each exercise is given concisely without any frills and fancy to distract the reader. Some exercises, like “Jar of Prompts” and “Write Flash Fiction“, I already try to practice and am so glad that the author has included them in the book. Some, like “Change The Lens” and “All your Bestsellers“, sound really interesting, and I am planning to try them out soon. My background in science and engineering means that writing is a new field for me. Quite often, I struggle to translate my ideas onto paper and to present them engagingly to the reader. I am hopeful that following the exercises given in this book will help me in my writing process. 

Building a Writing Practice by Sona Grover

One important point the author mentions is self-love. Often, as writers, we get frustrated if we are stuck or if the muse decides to play hide and seek. According to the author, in such times it is important to take a break without feeling guilty. Another point that she mentions, for one to become a good writer, it is important to read widely and often. A point that I again, whole-heartedly agree.

Building A Writing Practice” is a book for exploring the craft of writing. “Building A Writing Practice” is not a book of prompts, nor does it teach the reader how to write. This book is about honing and polishing the craft of writing. By creating a consolidated book of exercises, the book can be of great help to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

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Read on for the book blurb and to know more about the author

Book Blurb

To get better at the craft of writing, you must develop a range of writing skills. Building a Writing Practice shows you the way to consistency and betterment. The short creative writing exercises in the book are simple and fun and help you step out of your comfort zone.

About The Author

Sona is an author and blogger, enthusiastic about books, nature and long walks. She writes fiction and talks about her experiences with writing in her non-fiction books.

You can connect with her on:

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