The Story Of STORY ~ Ravish Mani

The story of STORY” by Ravish Mani is a book that talks about the different aspects of story-telling. The book touches upon the need/idea of a story, how a character develops and the importance of conflict, that will form the basis of the story. In short, the book is a basic primer on the art of telling stories and will help the reader in their journey of becoming an author.

I have read many book reviews written by Ravish, and I am always astounded by his eye for the details. His book reviews go beyond the ordinary as he has the knack for discovering the true soul of the story and presenting it to the readers. Even in this book, the author has gone beyond the obvious. Not only is the author talking about the evolution/need/elements of telling stories, but he also takes a philosophical look at fiction and why people need and read stories.

Author Ravish hooks the reader from the start with his “uncopyright“. I read the sentence “morality cannot be forced” and realised isn’t it true for everything in life? Morality cannot be enforced by the fear of repercussions, it is inherent in a person. By changing the copyright to uncopyright, the author trusts the reader’s moral compass in making the correct choices.

The author gives detailed explanations about elements that are important for creating an engrossing story, and how to implement them. Another helpful point in the book is how the author has given examples drawn from popular movies/books to elaborate his points. For instance, Raj of DDLJ becomes an excellent example to prove the point of the true character of a person. The section, Miscellaneous Topics, gives pointers to help the writers improve their craft. One key tip always given to the writers is “Show not Tell“. In the book, author Ravish tells step by step how/where to implement this adage. He has also given pointers on how to use body language and metaphors to improve the craft.

The author Ravish Mani’s laptop crashed two days before the ebook submission, and he wrote the whole book on his mobile. Despite the misfortune, he managed to put together a book that is a cut above the rest. This act of his not only shows his dedication but also the amount of knowledge he has about the craft of telling stories. For an amateur writer, reading the book “The Story of STORY” will help in the journey of becoming an author. The book makes a writer take a deep look at their motivation for writing and forces them to introspect. I hope and wish, the author will take time out after the ebook carnival and come out with a detailed book soon.

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Read on for the book blurb and to know more about the author

Book Blurb

The book, The Story of STORY, talks about important aspects of storytelling through the story of STORY itself from evolutionary perspective. It mainly deals with why people read stories and how to leverage it to write impactful stories for providing powerful aesthetic experience to the readers.

About The Author

Ravish Mani is a life adviser and story consultant. He’s known in the blogosphere for his spiritual approach, analytical abilities, multidimensional perspectives, and helping nature. People in writing community say that he has acumen for reading in between the lines. If you want your work to be critically appreciated, you would want him to read it.

7 thoughts on “The Story Of STORY ~ Ravish Mani

  1. Wow, he wrote the book on his mobile! That’s a nice little tidbit of information! I cannot imagine writing even a blog post without error on my phone. the book will be useful to anyone who wants to write. I really like the way you have reviewed the book, with all the little stories incorporated!

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