Heartfelt Symphonies ~ Chinmayee Gayartree Sahu

Heartfelt Symphonies” by Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu is an anthology of poems. The book has been divided into four sections, supreme power, nature, fire and life. The sections correspond to the muse that inspired the verse. The poems are predominantly free verse with a musical lilt to them.

The cover of “Heartfelt Symphonies” was what attracted me first. The colours all bleeding into one another with the face looking directly ahead mesmerized me. The book cover was symbolic of the chaos all around and the truth within. It is only by capturing this truth that Chinmayee has been able to draw out the words. Another quirky touch is the musical notes on the left corner of each page. The notes underscore the fact that these are not merely poems.

The poems might be akin to symphonies but, they are not about sappy, romantic love. Instead, the issues raised are feminism, female empowerment and even mental health. The poem “The Fire Within ” has darkness deep in its words, even alluding to self-harm. However, it is also about positivity, of accepting yourself. The poem “Red Lipstick” is another poem that touches the chords of the heart. The “Red Lipstick” becomes a metaphor for female empowerment. “Red lipstick” is a message to all women to live life on their own terms. My favourite though is “Agni“, inspired by the muse Fire. Its refrain, “ I am the Fire, I am also Agni, I see a reflection of me in her eyes“, is hauntingly beautiful. Poem reminds us, women, of the fires that burn within us.

Heartfelt Symphonies, Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

Poetry is nothing but words full of magic. Poetry cannot be judged only by the words, but rather by the emotions raised. “Heartfelt Symphonies” is full of metaphors and symbolism. Its verses flow lyrically, enthralling the reader. Since it is a debut book, there is a hint of rawness, but that too is masked by the power of the verses. “Heartfelt Symphonies” justifies its title. Its words flow from the author straight to the reader’s heart.

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Read on for the book blurb and to know more about the author

Book Blurb

Bearing my Ode to the Supreme Power,

With few inspirations from the Nature,

Mused by the forces of the Fire,

Amused by the journey called Life, I share,

Few lyrical notes that I hope you will adore!

The ‘Heartfelt symphonies ‘is a platter of poems which is a debut attempt by the author to take her readers to a lyrical, musical landscape where she has weaved words with strings of emotions straight from her heart. The book is divided into four major parts where the first part is dedicated to the Supreme Power; the next part is a collection of poems inspired by the mesmerizing Nature followed by poems that take Fire as their muse and the last part tries to showcase varied hues of Life.

About The Author

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu completed her MBA in Marketing and went on to join the Corporate World. She worked as a Product Manager in various Multi-National Companies. After about five odd years of experience, she had to take a less traversed path and had a change of career as life demanded. Currently, she is a Government Employee and believes that the world of books is magical. She is passionate about reading and loves to pen down her emotions. She is interested in content creation and exploring ways to hone her writing skills. She aims to keep writing quality articles, be it fiction or non-fiction that can engage her readers and give them wings of imagination. She blogs at chinmayeecreations.wordpress.com.

4 thoughts on “Heartfelt Symphonies ~ Chinmayee Gayartree Sahu

  1. This review is close to my heart and hence I took a little time to comment. It is special because it comes from someone who herself weaves fantastic storylines. I am touched and more than humbled to receive this love for my debut poetry book. I must confess that the details that have been captured by you starting from the illustrations to the emotions behind the quoted versions only make me smile from within the inner chambers of my heart as it clearly shows your appreciation while reading my book. I am grateful and just overwhelmed by your kind words. Thank you would be an understatement!

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