Regency Authors To Add To Your TBR If You Loved Bridgerton

Romance novels, novels that most of us cut our reading teeth on. Romance novels are our escape when the world becomes overwhelming, offering a few hours of make-believe and happily ever afters. Romance novels also mean big business, with it being a billion-dollar business now. There are many sub-genres in romance, and mine is Regency romance, ever since the first time I picked a Jane Austen.

The show “Bridgerton” on Netflix re-kindled the interest in Regency Romance. Romance novels are historical novels based in the Early 19th Century or the Regency period and one of the most popular sub-genre of romance. If you were hooked on Regency romances after watching Bridgerton and are now wondering how to pass the time till season number two drops, then look no further. Check out this list of Regency Romance authors to indulge your craving for Regency Romance. It will be much more enjoyable than twiddling thumbs definitely! You can also check out my post Crafting A Perfect Regency Romance.

Georgette Heyer: The Grand Dame of Regency Romances, her books are priceless treasures that a reader can re-read anytime. What really stands out in her books is her wit. The wordplay has the reader chuckling while reading. These books are chaste, a marked departure in today’s age of over-sexualization. Georgette Heyer books are my go-to books when facing a reading slump or when I want a comfort read. My personal favourites are “These Old Shades“, “Black Sheep” and “Devil’s Cub“.

Julia Quinn: A worthy successor to Georgette Heyer, Julia Quinn recently shot to fame when “Duke and I“, the first book from her Bridgerton Series, was adapted for Netflix. As a true bibliophile, I do think that the books were a lot funnier than the series, however, the series did bring Regency Romance in focus. Julia Quinn’s books are funny, with sizzling chemistry between the protagonists. “The Rokesby Series”, “Lyndon Sisters”, and “Splendid Series” are other excellent series written by her.

Mary Balogh: If you loved the first two authors, you are going to adore Mary Balogh. A prolific writer, her series keeps the reader invested in stories and the characters. The reader starts feeling that the characters are part of their own family, and you start panicking if you miss out on any book in the series. My personal favourites are “The Bedwyn series”, “The Survivors Club” and “The Westcott Series”.

Loretta Chase: Regency Romance with a dash of steamy is Loretta Chase’s forte. Steamier than the first three, Loretta Chase books are engrossing with a taut storyline. My favourites are “The Scoundrel Series” and “The Difficult Dukes Series”.

Johanna Lindsey: Funny and steamy, two words that perfectly describe books written by Johanna Lindsey. Her Malory-Anderson series hooked me so badly that I simply raced through all of them, chuckling, laughing and sighing.

Have you read any of the above authors? Who is your favourite? Do drop in the comments below!

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon for August,2021.

26 thoughts on “Regency Authors To Add To Your TBR If You Loved Bridgerton

  1. I haven’t watched Bridgerton and after an overdose of Barbara Cartland when I was growing up, I just stopped reading Regency Authors. Tempted to give them a go again and pick one from your list.

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  2. I had thoroughly enjoyed Bridgeton! Your posts are amazing and thank you for this. But with every post I think, I am yet to catch up on so many good books. I have been cursing myself for not reading enough. Time to dig into books, I guess.

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  3. Yes I have grown up on my mom’s stash of MBs. She had kept 3 for me which were her favourite. In transfers we lost them but I still remember the stories. Have read Loretta Chase from your list. Added a few to my TBR. Thank you!

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  4. I loved Brigerton series and I was so happy to come across these recommendations. I have noted down the name of these authors and I am going to start reading their books. Thanks a lot for the recommendation

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  5. I’ve only read Georgette Heyer and Julia Quinn from this list and I love regency romances. I don’t like Quinn’s books, though.

    Would Philippa Gregory and Jane Austen fit this list?


    1. You are first person to tell me that u don’t like Julia Quinn (😊). Philippa Gregory as in the Tudor series one? If yes then she will be historical fiction. Jane Austen but ofcourse is Regency Romance.. But I didn’t include her, cos everybody would have started with regency romance with Pride and Prejudice

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