Why Do I Write Book Reviews?

If you have been following or reading my blogs, especially for Blogchatter Half Marathon, one topic that would have stood out is books/book reviews. One of the first book reviews I wrote was for “The Gita, For Children” by Roopa Pai. My reason for writing the book review was simple. I had enjoyed the book so much that I wanted to share the joy. As time passed, I realised I enjoy the process of writing book reviews.

I am not a full-fledged book reviewer, I do write on other topics. But books are my first love. My books reviews do not follow the prescribed format usually followed by the reviewers. I do not give star ratings/ write pros and cons/ type of genre/ comment on the cover etc. My book reviews usually don’t even have the link to buy the book (since I am so eager to post that I forget to add it). My book reviews are not of the latest books, they might not also be best sellers. But I still write reviews for such books, as I believed their story also needs to be told.

Many times our conditioning, our fame of mind, our relatability to the book, all affects the reading process. If we are in a hurry, we might miss the subtle nuances of poetry, or if we are too agitated, then even the most lyrical turn of phrase might feel blah to us. This, in turn, affects the way we perceive the book we are reading. Sooner or later, this seeps into book reviews. My reviews are my honest reactions to the book, making them more of a personal statement.

Sometimes when I get lucky, I get books to read for free in exchange for my honest opinion. For such books, simple Goodreads/Amazon reviews would also suffice. I don’t get any monetary incentive for writing reviews blogs for the books. So, if I am not getting paid monetarily, then the question might be, why do I spend time crafting book review posts. The answer is pretty simple. I write book review blogs because I like to.

I like spreading the joy of discovering new books, of finding books that might be hidden gems. When people tell me that they had read and enjoyed a book based on my review, then that is my reward for a job well done.

Is there any review of mine that made you read the book, then do let me know!

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon for August,2021.

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Write Book Reviews?

  1. Agree with the ‘personal statement’ thing as I believe no one reads the same book. One’s personality reflects in everything one does, even in one’s reviews. And, yes, there’s no need to have a purpose for everything. Somethings are done just for the joy of doing it. 🙂

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