More Things In Heaven And Earth ~ Kiran Manral

“There are more things in heaven and earth, than our philosophies tell us”

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Kiran Manral uses the above lines and spins an engrossing story around them. “More Things In Heaven And Earth” is the story of Kamala, a widow still coming to terms with the death of her husband, Nihar. Kamala is trying to overcome the loss of her husband by drinking and is having trouble sleeping. She moves from Delhi to Bandra and ultimately to her aunt Kamini’s villa on an island of Goa. In Goa, she meets Victor, Kamini’s stepson, and she cannot deny the hold Victor has on her feelings. The story also has a parallel stream running from when Kamala was eight years old. Of a winter in Simla, and the events that took place then. The past and the present entwine. Is the story is about the twilight region between the living and the dead, or is some other explaination for the events unfolding?

This is the first book I have read of Kiran Manral, and I was left wondering why I didn’t read any of her books before. Kiran Manral weaves a tale that ensnares the reader. Just like a spider weaves its web, Kiran Manral spins a story slowly, layer by layer, drawing the reader into the plot. The words and descriptions entwine, creating an atmosphere that surrounds the reader completely, making it impossible to keep the book down. Insidious, the story stays in the reader’s mind, drawing the reader deeper into the web of words. Just when the reader thinks the mystery is cracked, the author gives another spin, adding another twist another layer, leaving the reader guessing and wanting more.

If I had to nitpick about this book, it would be about the mystery of the locked room in the villa. Why was the room kept locked? What was the mystery behind it?

“More Things In Heaven and Earth” is a book that entrances the reader. The reader is compelled to read the whole book, preferably in one sitting. And even after the book is done, the words and the scenes keep hovering in the head for a long time.

“More things In Heaven And Earth” Is Available on Amazon

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22 thoughts on “More Things In Heaven And Earth ~ Kiran Manral

  1. A lovely review, Harshita. I have been meaning to pick up the book for the longest time. You have definitely piqued my interest in her writing style. Seems like this is the perfect book to start with.

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  2. I have read Missing, Presumed Dead by Kiran and it certainly surprised me by the direction it took but it left me feeling like there was a lost of missed potential there. Your review of this book sounds interesting.

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