The Red Balloon In The Balcony

A few days ago, I was not doing well mentally. There was a long list of household chores pending as well as deadlines to be met. I was feeling uninspired, unwilling to work. The never-ending thoughts buzzing chaotically in my mind stressed me out even more. I became irritable and short-tempered. I felt as if the whole burden of household chores was on me, with no one helping. I was constantly looking for someone to blame. This was not true, but my perception had changed due to the stress of the never-ending to-do list and the fast-approaching deadlines. Feeling unenthusiastic, I was feeling overwhelmed.

So, it was a very tired and irritable me who banged the bucket of laundry down on the balcony. As I hung out the first shirt, my eyes fell on something shimmering in a balcony across the road. Looking closely, I saw it was a red foil balloon fluttering in the breeze. The 10 o’clock desert sun glinting off its foil surface, making it shimmer. I paused in my chore of hanging the laundry and spent a few minutes watching that red balloon. The red balloon swaying in the breeze looked as if it was dancing to some hidden music. My lips curved upwards. As I continued to hang the laundry, my eyes kept glancing to that balcony with the dancing red balloon. That cheerful, swaying, red balloon, momentarily made me forget my tiredness and irritability. When I walked into the house to finish the rest of the chores, I was a little less stressed and had a lighter heart. The red balloon had not made my tiredness disappear, but it had made it more bearable.

There are certain days when everything seems to overwhelm us. Our chores, the fast-approaching deadlines, thoughts about the future. Everything is a weight, settling heavily on us, making us feel tired and irritable. We become acutely stressed out, causing us to be out of harmony with the world. For us to get back to our equilibrium, all we need is a little time to rest and recharge, to forget the long list of things still to be ticked off the list. To just be in the moment and observe our surroundings.

All we need is to find a red balloon fluttering in the breeze.

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52 thoughts on “The Red Balloon In The Balcony

  1. Loved this post! Sometimes it’s the smallest things that instantly uplift the mood. We need to search for these small moments and find joy in them. Loved how you used the analogy of the red balloon as a harbinger of happiness. One more fab post from you, Harshita! More power to your pen!

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  2. Like finding the silver lining in a cloud, you found your red balloon. Its important to nurture our mind with equal emphasis as our bodies. We all have our ups and downs but holding on to the small things in life always help in moving forward.

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  3. What a lovely post, Harshita, and so true! On a day when everything seems to go wrong, one little joyful gesture or sight can act like a red balloon fluttering in the breeze. Thank you for this beautiful share!

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  4. Oh, I have been feeling the exact same way for the last few days, need to find my shimmery red balloon soon or I’ll only burst! Thanks for writing this piece, my lips are curved upwards!

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  5. You just spoke my mind! The past 18 months had been extremely overwhelming with all of us cooped at home with never ending work and no avenue for escape or relaxation. I felt a bit reassured that there is company and of course solution to these thoughts.

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  6. So beautifully you have written about this red balloon and how it made your day. I often find myself in the same situation overwhelmed and stressed. What we need is just stop, take rest and look around.

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