My 2021 With Blogchatter

It’s amazing how a click on a “register” button can change one’s life.

In September 2020, I joined Blogchatter, an online community of bloggers. Though initially attracted by Blogchatter’s book review program, I quickly realised the power of community with Blogchatter. Through Blogchatter, I found like-minded individuals and I was drawn deeper into the Blogchatterverse. In the year 2021, I enthusiastically participated in almost all their challenges. #TBRChallenge, #BookChatter, #BlogchatterHalfMarathon, #BookChatter, #CauseAChatter, #MyFriendAlexa, #BlogchatterA2Z and #BlogchatterEBookCarnival, all were attempted successfully. Through #BlogchatterWritFest, I got an opportunity to interact with and ask questions to author’s Jenny Bhatt and Jayasree Kalathil. I ventured into territories unknown when I attempted ( rather badly), a tanka for the first time. I even tried my hand at writing a guest post for Blogchatter (Looking At Literature Through A Feminist Lens) and was pleasantly surprised by the response to it.

sticker earned through Blogchatter
Stickers Earned In Blogchatter Challenges For 2021

There is, however, one challenge that I did with Blogchatter in 2021 that has changed the course of my life. #BlogchatterA2Z. When I registered for this challenge, I remember being overwhelmed by the scale of the task. To write one blog post for each day of April (except Sundays) was daunting for someone who lacked writing discipline. I developed cold feet and thought about withdrawing from the challenge. This is when, as he usually does, hubby dearest came to the rescue. He asked me to look at the bigger picture. To use #BlogchatterA2Z as an opportunity to finally start writing the novel I had been too scared to begin.

To cut a long story short, I took his advice. Throughout April, Anita, Bhoomi and Harish’s stories came to life on my blog. The challenge gave me the discipline for writing that I always lacked. The fact that I had to post a blog a day, made me write every day, come hail or shine. The rewards of this challenge were sweeter. The feedback I received from my readers and fellow bloggers gave me confidence. It erased my self-doubt, and taking courage in both hands, I published my first book, Xanadu: Three Souls Searching For Their Paradise, in August.

Cover of my book “Xanadu: Three Souls Searching For Their Paradise”

Registering for #BlogchatterA2Z set wheels in motion, for me to achieve a dream, I had been too hesitant to reach for. And that pretty much sums up my 2021 with Blogchatter.

My first book “Xanadu: Three Souls Searching For Their Paradise” is available on Amazon, do check it out!

3 thoughts on “My 2021 With Blogchatter

  1. Harshita , as I have found is extremely polite and the indicated through nice words.
    I have read her blogs and found it relevant in the present environment.
    I wish all the best in her endeavor.
    Dr. S.K. Nanda

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