Dawn’s Desire ~ Shilpa Suraj

Dawn’s Desire, the third book in the “Shades Of The Night Trilogy”, is Rishi and Sehar’s story. Rishi and Sehar have a past together. A past that is hidden from others but one that has left an indelible mark on both of them. A night of rebellion full of passion becomes a night that changes the course of their lives. It becomes a night both of them cannot forget. As their friends Anvi/Dev and Manav/Diana fall in love to become couples, Rishi and Sehar stand on the sidelines, battling their emotions and feelings for each other. Will Rishi and Sehar get a second chance at their happily ever after?

Avni-Dev, Diana-Manav, Rishi-Sehar. Out of the three couples, Rishi-Sehar were the most understated in the first two books. Avni-Dev (Midnight’s Star) are cute, while Diana-Manav (Twilights Tempatations) are flamboyant. Rishi-Sehar, on the other hand, personalise still waters run deep. They are the responsible, sober ones, but, are filled with hidden passion and emotions.

Rishi is brawny and bulky who does MMA to get through the anger in his life. And yet, by nature, he is gentle and loving, giving truth to the adage appearances can be deceiving. Rishi in a subtle way also shows brawn is not the only marker for masculinity. One needs to be sensitive and attuned to one’s emotions as well. Sehar is the quintessential modern Indian woman. She loves her family but refuses to compromise on her happiness for the sake of keeping face in society. Sehar is a self-made independent woman. Her words, “I’d rather the world sees me as I am, scars, rips and all, than huddle against a man, any man and hide“, hit straight home.

Super Hot Cover of Dawn’s Desire

One would think that such a passionate, intense story might get too serious. However, the author keeps introducing chuckle-worthy moments to lighten the mood. (psst, check out the reference to vada-pav in the book). Shilpa Suraj has this habit of twisting sentences, her word-play can make you chuckle, sigh, sob, as well as, think.

One fact that I would like to point out is that Rishi and Sehar belong to different religions. This fact is implied and yet, it never becomes an issue or an impediment for both of them to be together. The focus is firmly on them navigating their treacherous emotions. This subtle nod to normalising inter-faith relationships, without talking about religion at all, was much appreciated by this particular reader.

“Second Chance” romances are apparently Shilpa Suraj’s favourite romance trope, and this is very much evident in this book. Rishi-Sehar’s story might be based on a cliched trope, but there is nothing cliched about the story. Rishi and Sehar burrow their way in the reader’s heart. A reader is totally invested in both of them, hoping and waiting for them to get together. Dawn’s Desire is one of the most emotional and passionate stories I have read from Shilpa Suraj.

I received this book through Blogchatter’s Book Review program. Dawn’s Desire” is available for purchase on Amazon.in as well as Kindle Unlimited. You can also also check this interesting podcast where I discuss with Shilpa Suraj and Andaleeb Wajid about the enduring love for Romance novels.

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