Princess and Prejudice ~ Alisha Kay

Yuvarajakumari Jayshree Singh, princess of Devgarh and Dr Aryan Sharma bicker like cats and dogs. Aryan thinks Jayshree is a spoiled, entitled bratty princess while Jayshree thinks Aryan is a stick in the mud, uptight doctor who needs to have his comeuppance delivered. When Aryan’s sister and Jayshree’s best friend, Nivi gets engaged to Jayshree’s brother, there is a temporary ceasefire between them both, leaving them free to explore the real reason for their animosity against each other. Is it to hide their insane desire for each other, a desire that threatens to consume them?

Princess and Prejudice is the second book in the Devgarh Royal Series. The first book, “The Maharajah’s Fake Fiance“, won the Amazon KDP Pen to publish contest 2020. I loved “The Maharajah’s Fake Fiance” and Princess and Prejudice too, doesn’t disappoint. Jayshree and Aryan’s story leaves the reader with a warm, fuzzy feeling one gets after reading a book that is poignant, funny and steamy.

Jayshree might be a princess, but that doesn’t mean her life is picture-perfect. She struggles with her inner demons and faces setbacks and heartbreaks. She is not handed whatever she wants on the platter. She tries to be taken seriously by people who forget there is a person with emotions behind the tag of a princess.

Aryan has worked hard his entire life to become a well-respected doctor. He wants to make a difference in the world and is acutely conscious of the responsibility of a doctor’s mantle. Underneath his efficient exterior, he is soft-hearted too. He is exasperated by his grasping, upwardly mobile mother. And yet, tries to circumnavigate her machinations without being rude or disrespectful. He is attracted to Jayshree but is unable to overcome his prejudice about her stature in society.

Jayshree’s development in the story, of her finding her voice and deciding what exactly she wants, was one of the highlights for me in the book. For most of us, who grew up thinking that we needed to be a princess, to get our Prince Charming and have a happily-ever-after, this book was an eye-opener. Princesses’ are also human, and they too, need to work hard to reach their happily ever afters.

Amongst the other characters of the book, Rani Ma (Jayshree’s mother) and Yash were my favourite. In fact, a fun suggestion to the author, apart from Yash, is why not a book with Rani Ma as the protagonist? She is way too cool to be languishing as a side character.

This book stands out with its witty dialogues. The stage is set in the opening chapter itself in the argument between Aryan and Jayshree as their dialogues fly fast and swift. The reader is kept chuckling and highly entertained. Princess and Prejudice is the perfect book for lazy summer afternoons when you want to read something light and funny.

The book Princess And Prejudice is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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6 thoughts on “Princess and Prejudice ~ Alisha Kay

  1. I’ve read the Spyder series by this author which is neatly written. Did know about her Amazon book but never got around to reading it. I usually find all the Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett stories repetitive. But then, which story in the world isn’t!

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