BlogchatterA2Z ~ Of Zig-Zag paths

As I sat down to write the post for the alphabet “Z”, I stared at the blank page, wondering what I should write about. In desperation, I asked my BITSian friends for an idea. Someone suggested I should write about zuk zuk one (001). The first rank holder in the normalised list. I mulled about it. 001 in our batch was the all India CBSE topper, who left BITS Pilani after a few weeks for greener pastures of IIT. What more could I possibly write about it? Nothing! It would have been a post of only a few lines. Another friend suggested writing about the “zzzz’s of winters”. Again, the post would have a single line. ” I bunked many classes due to zzz’s in winters.” 

I then thought about writing a post about the things I had skipped, like Bhawan’s nights, Sarvi (Sarvjanik hospital ), and Health Centre. I could write about the peacocks, the creatures that everyone finds fascinating but who were pests in BITS Pilani, with their cawing at the odd hours. I could also write about the tiny bugs, nicknamed “poochies”, the ones who made our lives miserable during monsoon. I could write about the many success stories of the alumni of BITS Pilani. Of the alumni who went on to become founders of start-ups, CTO and CEOs. Even if they did not reach the highest echelons of corporate life, they were still professionally successful in life. Better yet, I could write a round-up post expressing my gratitude to my alma mater. 

And yet, I was not very happy with the ideas. Something was missing. I kept the notebook aside for some time, deciding to re-look at the notes again. 

Looking at my notes again, I was struck by the fact that my thoughts had meandered like a zig-zag. Just like my life’s journey has been after passing out from BITS Pilani years ago. Just as many of my batchmates’ life journey has been. So many of them quit their corporate jobs to pursue their passions. They became artists, NLP practitioners, dance teachers, poets and …. authors. 

These twenty-five posts were written when I was looking back at my four years of BITS Pilani with sepia-tinted glasses. But, life was not all fun and games in BITS Pilani. There were adversities, lows and heartbreaks. And yet, going to BITS Pilani was the best decision. I learned independence and resilience. The fact, that I could survive by myself, even in the toughest of circumstances. And dear reader, I found my soulmate there.

This post has been written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z where all through the month of April I will be writing about BITS Pilani.


I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z.

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22 thoughts on “BlogchatterA2Z ~ Of Zig-Zag paths

  1. Harshita I am so happy that you choose to write about the zig zag road of your life. This is a wonderful ending post of the series. Also I laughed reading about your zzz’s of winter. 😀 I have read most of the posts of your series and enjoyed them a lot. Wish you all the best in life.

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  2. Short but sweet ending to the journey that took us down the memory lanes of our alma mater called BITS Pilani. Whatever said and done…BITS Pilani gave me the greatest gift of my life…yes it’s you…super talented, mind-boggling intelligent, possessing sharpest memory, extremely disciplined and exquisitely making use of the 24 hours that you have in a day. You have managed to finish this tremendous challenge with such great pieces of writing without neglecting anything or anyone (though at times I felt neglected…but I understand the pressure to write a great post every day for the last 26 days…you did it…and I am so happy and proud of your achievement. May God shower you with all the skills and ideas and you keep engaging, entertaining and encouraging everyone with your writing.

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  3. Thoroughly enjoyed all the posts that I managed to catch and will be coming back for the rest! I was thrilled to bits when I heard about your theme because for me Bits Pilani is my son’s alma mater too so I could relate to much of what you mentioned in your posts. And the last one for Z didn’t disappoint either. Congratulations on successfully completing the challenge and wishing you all the best in the zigzag path of life and writing!
    Looking forward to some titbits for that last line of yours! 😉

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    1. 🙂 I remember the conversation and you were wondering if I would have enough content for all 26 posts. Thank you so much Radhika for supporting me throughout this month 🌸


  4. Everything that ends well is always well. The last post was like a ‘zephyr’ !
    Congratulations on succefully completing the A2Z challenge. You aced it. Loved reading your engaging posts.

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  5. Bravo, Harshita! What an amazing ride of memories you weaved and took us all back in time. A big pat on your back and wishing you both love birds more love & bliss for all times to come! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts .

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  6. What lovely end for this season of your AtoZ challenge.

    ‘Going to BITS Pilani was the best decision’ is a statement (almost) all BITSians would nod in affirmation. I am yet to find a BITSian who has regretted their 4/5 years in BITS. I also share your mushy emotion towards BITS… I was someone who was set so much against marriage and had no belief in this institution of marriage, only to have a 180-degree turn when I met B. I never knew when the relationship moved from the phase of friendship to wanting to be with him for life. I was happy when I found out he also felt the same way about me!

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