A Mother Who Is Guilty For Falling Down By Anuradha Shetty

“A Mother Who Is Guilty For Falling Down” is the story of Reena. Reena is cheerful, outgoing and ambitious. She and Ram are a perfect couple tuned to each other’s thoughts and feelings. However, an unplanned pregnancy, followed by a stillbirth, pushes Reena into depression. She struggles to be better but fails to defeat the demons in her mind. She is unable to overcome the trauma. Her agony is compounded by the fact that she has to undergo a hysterectomy soon after the delivery due to the negligence of her delivery doctor. Unable to find closure, Reena sinks deeper and deeper into depression where no one can reach her. She finally takes the irrevocable step of jumping on the day of her fifteenth anniversary, leaving behind two young children.

But was it the right step? Could she have become better if she had more help and more support?

The book talks about grief and how unsurmountable it can become. While one can argue one needs to be practical and move on, the truth is that it is not always easy. Once a person falls into the black hole of depression, there is an everyday fight to claw the way to light. Author Anuradha Shetty’s words are poignant and full of pain as she describes Reena’s mental trauma. Her own dark experience of having lost her first child and depression make her words full of empathy for Reena. The reader feels for Reena’s confused state of mind as she starts questioning everything around her. The lack of empathy and understanding of the attending gynaecologist, which is surprisingly very common in India, has also been brought to the forefront in the book. It also points to how easily society dismisses the fears of a young mother.

The book, however, does need a detailed round of editing. There are quite a few grammatical mistakes, as well as, repetitions that can be avoided. In my view, a little more fleshing out of the characters will also add more depth to the story. Since the book deals with mental trauma and suicide, I think a trigger warning in the beginning should be there.

“A Mother Who Is Guilty For Falling Down” is an honest, sincere attempt by the author to talk about grief and post-partum depression.

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