Humpty Dumpty’s Ten Hats ~ Tomichan Matheikal

Humpty Dumpty’s ten hats is a collection of short stories by author/blogger Tomichan Matheikal. The book starts with a couple of paranormal stories. While the first story “A Ride With the Ghost” I had read earlier, the other stories were new to me. As the book progresses, the stories turn to the idiosyncrasies of human nature and take a satirical turn. Babri Masjid demolition, the rise of fake godmen, and the increasingly hard faultlines developing in our country all make an appearance in these stories.

The author, Tomichan Matheikal’s tongue-in-cheek humour is evident right from the beginning of the book, where he dedicates the book to the politicians of India who have convinced him that fiction is truer than facts. For most of the stories, the reader will have to read between the lines, for humour. For instance, the quote, “All brands now belong to the Gujratis”, from the story “Phantoms On A Desert”, is quite cheeky, yet on a certain level, true.

Two of the stand out stories for me were “Phantoms On A Desert” and “Humpty Dumpty’s Ten Hats”. “Phantoms of the Desert” is a poignant lament, for freedom to choose. “Humpty Dumpty’s Ten Hats” is the last story of the book. Alice ( from Alice in Wonderland) and Humpty Dumpty (from the nursery rhyme) come together in the story to show the facial nature of today’s world.

My favourite story, though, is “Child”. It is a deceptively simple story that shows the horror of honour killings. There is no gore or violence in the story, and yet, it sends a shiver down the reader’s spine, with its imagery.

The question is the book, “Humpty Dumpty’s Ten Hats” provocative? For a certain section of people definitely. Those who are aware of the true conditions of the country will be able to identify the hint of rage and sadness behind the stories.

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