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Hidden Gems Of Prime Reading

Access to Prime Day sale, free shipping, great content to watch on television etc. are some of the benefits of buying Amazon Prime membership. What many people are unaware of is that your Prime membership also gives you access to Prime Reading. Prime Reading, like Kindle Unlimited, works as a digital library where you can “borrow” and “return” kindle books. Ten books can be borrowed at a time, same as in Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited( or KU) differs from Prime Reading as you have to pay an annual subscription for Kindle Unlimited membership. KU also has a larger catalogue of books as compared to Prime Reading. Prime Reading has a catalogue covering almost all genres, though you might have to separate the wheat from the chaff to get the book that you want.

Another misconception that the readers usually have is that for Kindle ebooks you need to have a Kindle to download the books. What you actually need is the Kindle App which can be downloaded on any digital device, whether Android or Apple. Once you have the app you can easily download Kindle books on your device.

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you, the readers, a few of the books which I came across in Prime Reading.

Poonachi-Or The Story Of The Black Goat (Perumal Murugan). This translated classic had been on my radar for quite some time and I was surprised to see it in Prime Reading. The story told from the perspective of the black goat Poonachi, is a mirror to our society and its ills.

Bombay Balchao(Jane Borges)The Goan Catholic heart of Bombay comes alive in this novel. Set in a fictional locality of Cavel, this novel travels through several timelines with the main protagonist Michael Coutinho. There are idiosyncratic characters, love stories, the vagaries of life all thrown into a delightful mix, exactly like Balchao. It’s a book which draws you in with its piquancy.

Tongue-in-cheek(Khyrunissa.A) A delightfully funny book which shows our routine life with all its absurdness. A short read which will leave you chuckling and put you in a good mood.

Roads To Mussorie (Ruskin Bond) Consisting of short essays by Ruskin Bond this book contains his musings on breakfast, travelling, ghosts, cold beer and life in general. Written in his inimitable simple style and wry humour this book makes you pause. It makes you observe your surrounding and give a sigh for the simple pleasures of life.

Fisher Queen’s Dynasty (Kavita Kane) Told from the point of view of Satyavati, the fisher girl who became the queen of Hastinapur by making Devarutt take a terrible vow, this book is for those who are interested in mythological fiction. It is a different viewpoint as the book deals with a character whose actions set off events which eventually led to the Mahabharata.