The Blogchatter Reading Challenge

I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter!

The phrase “nose in a book” is an apt description for me. Not to sound immodest, but reading is my superpower. I can read for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a dash of short stories as snacks. My favourite way to pass time is to curl up with a book. Even though mild irritants like daily chores and distractions like Netflix try to put hurdles in my path, I usually resist them and keep reading. Even though I read a lot, I am conspicuously absent from Goodreads. Goodreads is used once in a while by me for posting reviews and for finding out new books to read but not for updating books read. If you check out my Goodreads page, you will find that I have been reading Shashi Tharoor’s “Great Indian Novel” and “What if?” by Randall Munroe for the past few years, both books which I actually DNFed!! I usually have no clue to the number of books I would have read during a year. The main reason for this is that instead of updating Goodreads or making a note of the books read, I am busy reaching over for my next book.

When I saw the post by Blogchatter about the reading challenge, I was hooked. I decided to take the #TBRChallenge as a step in finally having a proper log of the books read this year. Challenges are not my forte, like new year resolutions, I am prone to taking up challenges and then dropping them halfway through, but considering this one involves books I am quite hopeful of accomplishing my target. I have a kept a modest target of 15 books for the #TBRChallenge, it’s not that I cannot read more books, but this year I would like to read more mindfully rather than racing through( as I usually do). While sprinting through books has served me well before, but sometimes I think the stories and characters start merging and blending with each other. I want to savour and enjoy the words rather than be in a race to finish. Plus I do want to read “A Suitable Boy” this year, if that does happen then it will take a big chunk of the year to read (I do think it should be counted as 3 books, rather than one!!). I have decided not to have a theme or a genre for this reading challenge. Maybe it is a reflection of my headspace (chaotic and confused), but I do not want to be bound by a particular genre or author even though picking a theme will make the process of selecting the books easy. As a Taurean, I am usually resistant to change and even in reading, am happier with the authors/ genres I am used too. I now want to challenge myself, push myself in new directions. Thus, for this challenge, I would like to read more recommendations by friends and family, explore new genres and authors.

So what all am I looking forward to from this challenge? Well, I am planning to put a dent in my ever-expanding TBR. I am looking forward to discovering new authors and genres. Increased interaction with other members of the Blogchatter family who will be doing the challenge, leading to new connections formed over books. I will also have a legitimate excuse to get out of household chores I don’t want to do. But, the biggest advantage of this challenge will be that I will be able to read….. to my heart’s content!

Join me as I start #TBRChallenge for the year 2021 and do not forget to recommend books which you would like me to read in the comments below.
Let’s start reading!!

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