Aching Hearts, A Woman’s Story ~ Prasanna Raghavan

Aching Hearts is the story of Malu, a young girl who lives with her parents and brother. But Malu has not had an ideal childhood or youth. Her father is an abusive monster, while her brother is indifferent to the plight of his sister and mother. And then one day, Malu’s mother dreams about a car crash. At the same time, Malu watches a video of a car crash on Facebook. Is it a premonition or a sign from God? For soon after Malu’s mother tells Malu about her dream, Malu gets a phone call about her father’s car crash. Aching Hearts is a short read of about 24 pages, but it still packs a punch.

Malu is aggressive, angry and helpless by turns. The reader cannot help but feel sympathy for her. And yet, Maly has grit. It is visible in the way she protects her mother and also, how she reaches out for a new beginning. The story’s last line, “To the world outside, she would always be known after his name. What a generous gift of him! What a cruel destiny?” underlines the inherent patriarchy in the lives of women. Where, even if one is abused and ill-treated by one’s father, even then, it is the father’s name that is attached to the woman.

While the book is written well, I do think that the flow of the story could have been smoother and the editing tighter. In my opinion, the author can flesh out the characters and settings more to turn this story into a great novel as the basic structure is already there.

“Aching hearts” is a heartwarming story of the triumph of the human spirit. Of a woman, taking control over her life and decisions.

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